The Gateway Programme

What is the Gateway Programme?

Gateway is a coach led, positive action employment programme to help young autistic adults to access the workplace for the first time.

Gateway is a supportive coach led process to assist both the young adult in sourcing suitable employment and providing them with ongoing support during their work placement. The Gateway programme is a collaborative process that involves the coach, the employee and the employer to give the work placement the best chance for success. The coach will meet both the employee and employer for one hour each per week to review progress.


Gateway is a 6 month pilot project that will involve 6  participants. Work placements can be both paid and unpaid.

Why the Gateway Programme?

Young autistic adults have many talents and skills to offer a prospective employer. The Gateway programme is designed to help both the employee and employer to align those skills with a productive role in the workplace.


How is the Gateway Programme different?

The Gateway programme focuses on the interests, qualifications and skills of the young adult so that they can make a valuable contribution to their workplace. So, rather than fit the job to the person, Gateway will try to fit the person to the job so that the employee can utilise their skills and interests in the most productive way possible.

How does the Gateway Programme work?

The Gateway Programme includes a four week  pre-employment assessment and training programme for the participants. This part of the programme will identify the skills, qualifications, interests and capacity of the prospective employee and how they can be aligned with a suitable placement.


The next step in the process is to provide a dedicated employment coach.  The coach will support the programme participant throughout the pre-employment, application, interview and job placement process.


The coach will also work closely with the prospective employer to ensure alignment between the applicant and the employment role. Once the employee is in a work placement the coach will also provide ongoing weekly support to the employer and act as a point of contact to sustain the placement over time and address any issues or difficulties that may arise.

Supports for the Gateway Programme Employee:

You will complete a pre-programme profile using the Occupational Interests Profile, Key Strengths Identification and a Capacity & Ability interview.


You will undertake a 4 week pre-employment training programme to learn about the workplace environment.


Your coach will help you to identify suitable job placement that is aligned with your qualifications, strengths, capabilities and areas of interest.


The coach will assist you with interview preparation for your job placement or participate in an assisted interview with you. Your coach will also accompany you on a familiarisation trip to meet your employer and new colleagues prior to commencing your placement.


Your coach will be there to assist and support you through weekly meetings throughout the placement period.


Your coach will also meet with your employer  on a weekly basis to get their feedback, review progress and resolve any issues that may arise.


You access to your coach should any serious problems or difficulties arise.


You will receive advice and information on maintaining any benefits you currently receive.



Who can apply?

The Gateway programme is ideally suited to young autistic adults who wish to access the workplace for the first time but require support (Level 1 DMS-5-TR). Applicants should have the ability to operate independently in the workplace with weekly coach support.


How do I get more information about the Gateway Programme?

In the first instance you can contact us by email with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. A copy of your current CV

Once we receive and review your email we will contact you to discuss the suitability of the Gateway Programme with you:

Email us at:

Meet our Coaches:

Liam O’Sullivan:


Liam is a Business & Executive Coach who previously worked for a large Financial Services organisation in the areas of Human Resources & Business Banking with a wide range of experience of leading people in these sectors. He holds an MSc in Personal & Management Coaching/Diploma in Personal & Management Coaching along with a Higher Diploma in Coaching & Coaching Psychology, all from UCC. Liam has a real interest in helping his clients achieve their goals by listening, being adaptable and focusing on their strengths. He is a member of the Association for Coaching International(AC) with a commitment to their ethics policy. Liam currently works with people in a range of organisations as a coach & in particular has worked with Shine in a coaching capacity since 2019.





Kieran McAuliffe:

Kieran has a particular interest in  the use of coaching and coaching psychology to build individual skills and resilience. Kieran worked for a number of years at a senior management level in the services sector and is the General Manager of the Shine Centre  for the last 10 years. He studied in University College Cork and holds a Masters in Coaching and a Higher Diploma in Coaching and Coaching Psychology. He also completed a Post Grad Diploma in Personal & Management Coaching in UCC and has completed Change Management and Leadership programmes with the IMI. Kieran is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the International Association for Coaching (AC). Kieran is also certified as as a Psychometric Test Administrator in Personality and Ability by the British Psychological Society (BPS).


This Programme is supported by the Bon Secours (Cork) Community Initiatives Fund:



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