Sensory Play & Activities

Sensory Work


Sensory activities for children with autism are important on a daily basis to help regulate the sensory system. Sensory activities for children include fine motor and gross motor activities as well as a range of toys and other activities such as kinetic sand, water play and dry messy play. They are fun and can promote increase learning, interaction and communication.

Part 1: Sensory Activities:

Activity 1:  Dry messy play: Dry messy play

Activity 2:  Rice play: Rice Play 

Activity 3:  Pasta play: Pasta play lesson

Activity 4:  Kenetic Sand: Yoga and Sensory Kinetiic Sand

Activity 5:  Theraputty:  Theraputty

Activity 6:  Tweezer pom poms: Pom poms- transferring exercise 

Activity 7:   Bouncing on a therapy ball:  Therapy Ball Bouncing 

Activity 8:  Walk outs on peanut ball:  Walk outs on peanut ball

Activity 9:  Crawling through tunnel: Crawling through a tunnel

Activity 10: Rolling on a therapy ball: Therapy ball Rolling


Part 2: Sensory Play:

Activity 1: Click Here:   Section 7 Homemade rainmaker

Activity 2: Click Here:  Section 7 Marble Painting (1)

Activity 3: Click Here:  Section 7- Footprint painting

Activity 4: Click Here:  Section 7- scented playdoh

Activity 5: Click Here:  Section 7- Shaving foam and paint