Fine Motor Activities:

1. Threading Activity:

Fine motors skills threading pasta.

Activity 1: Click Here:  Threading pasta – least to most prompt lesson

Activity 2: Click Here: Threading beads or flowers using a straw or pipecleaners


2. Fine Motor Skills:


Activity 1: Fine Motor Skills with Spaghetti & Cheerios:

Click Here:  Fine Motor with Spagetti & Cheerios

Activity 2: Fine Motor Skills Using Pasta – Feeding The Sheep:

Click Here: Fine motor activity using pastaFeed the Sheep 

Activity 3: Sensory Play – Milking the Cow

Click Here: Sensory play activity-Milking the cow Activity

Activity 4: Tearing & Scrunching Paper:

Click Here: Tearing and scrunching up paper

Activity 5: Whisk & Pom Pom Activity:

Click Here:  Whisk and Pom Pom Activity 

Activity 6: Shoe Box Posting:

Click Here:  Shoebox Posting Activity

Activity 7: Cheerios Fine Motor:

Click Here:   Cheerios Fine Motor

Activity 8: Sun Clothes Peg Activity:

Click Here:  Sun Clothes Peg Activity

Activity 9: Fine Motor Hair Cutting:

Click Here:  Fine motor hair cutting

Activity 10:  Pegging Activity

Click Here: Pegging Activity

Activity 11:  Follow the Line 

Click Here:  Following the Line (Car play and Balance)

Activity 12:  Cutting Skills 

Click Here:  Cutting Skills (Straw Hedgehog)

Activity 13:  Spray Bottle Art

Click Here:  Spray Bottle Art

Activity 14:  Transferring Activity:

Click Here:  Transferring Activity

Activity 15:  Sticker Activity:

Click Here:  Sticker Activity

Activity 16:  Colouring Activity:

Click Here:  Colouring Activity (On Wall)

Activity 17:  Sticky Tape Animal Rescue:

Click Here:  Sticky Tape Animal Rescue

Activity 18: Cloud & Rain Activity:

Click Here:   Cloud and Rain

Activity 19 : Jar Lesson:

Click Here:   Jar lesson

Activity 20: Cleaning Activity:

Click Here:   Cleaning Activity

Activity 21: Folding Paper:

Click Here:   Folding Paper

Activity 22: Elastic Band Exercise:

Click Here:  Elastic band exercise

Activity 23: Folding Activity:

Click Here:   Folding activity

Activity 24: Pasta Lesson:

Click Here:   Pasta lesson

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Activity 25: Pasta Play:

Click Here:   Pasta play

Activity 26 Paper Clip Lesson:

Click Here:   Paper clip lesson

Activity 27: Whisking Bubbles:

Click Here:   Whisking Bubbles

Activity 28: Mini Fizzy Volcanos:

Click Here:   Mini fizzy volcanoes

Activity 29: Clothes Peg Sun Letter Matching:

Click Here:   Clothes Peg Sun Letter Matching

Activity 30:  Pom Poms & Clothes Pegs:

Click Here:  Pom Poms & Clothes Pegs

Activity 31: Sticker Peeling & Sorting:

Click Here:  Sticker Peeling & Sorting

Activity 32: Lollipop Stick Stacking:

Click Here:  Lollipop Stick Stacking

 Activity 33: Threading Card:

Click Here:  Threading Card

Activity 34: Pasta & Cheerio Threading:

Click Here:  Pasta and Cheerio Threading