Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Activities:

Arts and crafts and and engaging and enjoyable activity for all children. This section contains a wide range of simple activities that your child will enjoy and where they have an opportunity to engage with you while being creative and just having some fun.


1. Painting with forks:  Click Here:  Painting with forks

2.Painting with cups:  Click Here:  Painting with cups

3.Fireworks painting: Click Here:  Fireworks Painting

4. Outdoor chalk painting: Click Here:  Chalk painting

5. Bubble Painting:  Click Here:  Bubble painting

6. Car and Truck Painting:  Click Here:   Car or Truck Painting  

7. Sticking & Glueing:  Click Here:  Sticking and glueing activity

8. Rainbow Rice Painting:  Click Here: Rainbow rice painting

9. Sugar & Salt Painting:  Click Here:  Sugar or Salt Painting

10. Parer Mache: Click Here: Paper Mache

11. Cotton Bud Painting:  Click Here:  Cotton bud painting

12. Stencil Painting:  Click Here: Stencil Painting

13. Painting with Lego:  Click Here: Painting with Lego

14. String Art:  Click Here:  String Art

15. Shapes Stamping:  Click Here: Shapes Stamping