A. Behaviour Homepage

The following presentations on behaviour give an insight into why people with autism can sometimes behave differently to non autistic people. The presentations explore the reasons why challenging behaviours can occur and the functions of these behaviours are defined and explained. Practical ways of analysing behaviour are also discussed and demonstrated. Examples of behaviours are presented and interventions for each of the functions of behaviour are examined.

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Part 1:   Understanding Behaviour:

This presentation explains what behaviour is and how and why people with autism sometimes behave differently.



Part 2:  Causes of Behaviour:

Environment:  This presentation focuses on how the environment itself can have a negative impact on how a person behaves.

Medical: This presentation explains how some simple and more acute medical conditions can have a negative influence on the behaviour of a person.

Intervention: This presentation explains how the right diagnosis and medical intervention can help to reduce problem behaviour.

Communication Challenges: This presentation focuses on how poor communication skills can lead to problem behaviour.

Communication Intervention: This presentation demonstrates the use of various communication tools and techniques that can have a positive influence on behaviour.

Sensory Processing Issues: This presentation explains how difficulties with sensory processing can lead to problem behaviour.

Tantrum or Meltdown: This presentation explores the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown and the different approaches to interventions for both are demonstrated.


Part 3:   How to Change Behaviour:

This presentation explains approaches that can be used to change or modify behaviours.


Part 4:  Functions of Behaviour

Attention: The difference between negative and positive attention seeking behaviour is explained in this presentation.

Avoidance: In this presentation the reasons why avoidance behaviour occurs are discussed.

Access to Items & Activities: This presentation discusses how individuals can display inappropriate behaviours to gain access to items or activities.