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Social Skills:

These presentations examine what social skills are and how they impact on the child or person and why people with autism can struggle in this area. The presentations then move on to how to begin assessing and developing social skills and then how to begin to teach social skills. The areas of motivation and reenforcement are looked and and then the barriers that may impede social skills development and understanding.

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What doe these presentations cover?

Part 1:   What are social skills?

A look at what exactly social skills are, how we define them, and their complexities.

Part 2:   Why can individuals on the spectrum have difficulties with social skills?

A closer look at reasons behind the difficulty. Caetextia and Theory of mind are explored, along with a brief look at body language and facial expressions.


Part 3:   Where do I begin?

We discuss assessment of skills and how to create a plan. We will also look at pre-requisite skills for social skills training.


Part 4:   Teaching Social Skills;

Readymade programmes which can assist are explored, as well as examining which setting is most appropriate, groups or one to one.