Behaviour Specialist – Early Childhood Years

The Behaviour Specialist – Early Childhood Years service offers support, advice, strategies and coaching to the parents of children in the area of behaviour and autism. This is a consultative service that works with children up to 8  years of age depending on the level of support they require. As each child, and therefore each case is different, an initial consultation is required to ascertain if the service can be of benefit to any individual child.

You can contact Alma via email at or 021 4377052

Please Note: This is a waitlisted service and availability is dependent on workload at the time of referral.

Alma Carroll Behaviour Specialist in Early Childhood Years at the Shine Centre gives an insight into behaviour and autism

About the Presentations:

These Behaviour presentations give an insight into why people with autism can behave differently. The reasons why behaviours that may challenge occur and the functions of these behaviours are defined and explained. Practical ways of analysing behaviour are discussed and demonstrated. Examples of behaviours are presented and interventions for each of the functions of behaviour are examined.

Please click on the link to view the video presentation:

Part 1:   Understanding Behaviour

Part 2:   Causes of Behaviour:

Part 3:   How to change Behaviour

Part 4:   Functions of Behaviour


About Alma Carroll:

Alma Carroll has been working with children on the Autism Spectrum for 25 years. Alma works as a Behaviour Specialist in Early Years at the Shine Centre having previously held the position of Deputy Manager of the Shine Early Intervention Unit. Alma also worked in an ABA school for 7 years where she received extensive training in Applied Behaviour Analysis and held the position of Supervising Class Teacher. Alma holds a degree from University College Cork in Psychology and Sociology and holds a Post Grad in Social Science from the Open University. She has also a Higher Diploma in Coaching Psychology and has completed a Masters in Coaching in UCC.

Alma has also completed courses in PECS, Lámh and Occupational Therapy. Alma has a particular interest in Behaviour Management and lectures on both Early Intervention and Behaviour Management on the Autism Studies course in the College of Commerce. She also delivers workshops on Behaviour Management in Autism for parents and educators and Autism Awareness workshops for companies and organisations in Cork.


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